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Session on 'Latest Trends in SDLC and Project Management'

The second session of the IKM Lecture Series (iLecture Series) was on 'Latest Trends in SDLC and Project Management' and it was conducted on Saturday, 5 Oct 2013 by Mr. Sanjay Bhaskaran, Vice-President (Education), PMI Trivandrum, Kerala Chapter and Mr. Rajeev R Panicker, President, PMI Trivandrum, Kerala Chapter.

It was an excellent session on Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Project Management aspects, and was highly informative, engaging and thought-provoking. This session certainly helped our IKM project managers, software programmers, technical officers to listen to, understand and learn various aspects pertaining to effective and professional management of projects carried out by the large corporations across the world. The anecdotes, success stories and personal experiences shared was worth listening to and contributed significantly in providing insights into the areas of project management, enhancing the knowledge pertaining to the efficacious life cycle management of software programming, its relevance and impact.

We are confident that it would trigger and aid critical thinking of our IKM professionals, and help induce the right mindset for proper project management in executing the projects within the defined timelines, in a more planned manner so as to maintain quality, to control cost and time overruns in future.

We would like to thank the Kerala Chapter of Project Management Institute for providing our IKM team an incredible opportunity to listen to, interact and discuss with Mr. Sanjay Bhaskaran and Mr. Rajeev Panicker, the PMI credential holders and practitioners, on the best practices for project excellence. Together, they have over 35 years of IT industry experience in leadership, program management, project management and delivery roles across diverse industries including MNCs - FMCG, Retail, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, etc in USA, Europe and Middle East. 

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